St Albans Pilgrimage

On Wednesday 20th January, 27 avid pilgrims from across the Team journeyed to St Albans Cathedral and Abbey Church for an Evening Pilgrimage. It started with a buffet tea before being split into three groups. We followed our Guide around the dimly lit Cathedral stopping at various points for prayer and reflection as well as being told about some of the history behind the building itself. As the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in Britain, there was a very real sense of walking in the footsteps of countless other women and men of faith as we journeyed around. The building itself seems to breathe prayer and worship and stands as a testament to those who built it, maintain it and preserve it to the glory of God.

Abbey 1

We then gathered together for the ancient office of Compline by candlelight in the crossing. We then processed to the shrine of St Alban where we left our candles and many prayers before heading home.