NetWork*Matthew 4:19-20

We welcome you to this part of the website which is dedicated to encouraging men in the church to developing friendships and fellowship together.We meet every three months and broadly alternate between a Saturday morning breakfast (in our Vision Church Hall), and an event.

The events have included a  'Tanx' evening, (where grown men play with radio-controlled model tanks), a visit to 'Top Golf' for some competitive driving practice and to 'Go Ape', (an outdoor aventure amongst the tree tops).

                       NetWork Go Ape

It is part of our aim to incorporate a short message of our faith into our events and our breakfasts have always had a speaker who has been able to share his story of coming to the Christian faith with us.

It is fundamental to our activities that we want to show to our own members and to those who they invite to our meetings that the love and forgiveness of God is available to all men.*Our name comes from Matthew chapter 4 verse 19-20 " ..follow me and I will make you fishers of men".

Our past speakers have included Martin Goldsmith who served for many years as a missionary in the Far East and is the author of Beyond Beards and Burqas and Life's Tapestry.

Gary Grant, the founder of the 'Entertainer' chain of toy shops which he operates on Christian principles. The talk was very inspiring and a cassette recording is available from Robin.

From our own congregations we have had Dr Martin Bigg who spoke on ‘Going Green’ - about Waste, Climate change and How to Fuel the Future. Dr Kevin Brown, Consultant Virologist and an expert on Contagion talked to us about Public Health from the time of Moses to London 2012 Olympics.

We are linked with CVM (Christian Vision for Men).

Enquiries and tickets to events can be addressed to Robin Beattie