Corona virus January 2021 update

Following the escalation of corona virus cases locally, and advice from the Government and the Bishop of London on behalf of the Church of England, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to suspend both public worship and private prayer, and close Christ Church for the next three weeks, with immediate effect.  The situation will be reviewed towards the end of January.

 The other churches in our Aldenham, Radlett & Shenley Team Ministry are streaming services and providing podcasts and reflections. Details are available on the pew leaflets for St John the Baptist Aldenham and St Martin’s Shenley, posted on the website for Christ Church & St John’s

 Members of our community are encouraged to stay at home, to continue to pray at home, to remain in touch with those known to be lonely or in need, and to contact one of our church leaders if necessary (details available on the back page of the Christ Church & St John’s pew leaflets, also available on the website).

 Churchwardens and Lay Chair, on behalf of the PCC


To our family and friends who are in a high risk groups, the advice is to isolate and protect yourselves once again – please keep yourselves safe and remember you are all in our prayers. 

Please note that the Church Office is open on weekday mornings. The post of Vicar of Radlett is vacant.  If you need a member of clergy please contact in the first instance the Revd Daniel McCarthy (Shenley) on 01923 859544 or email him, or the Revd Robert Fletcher (Aldenham) on 01923 85420 or email him.

Everyone can help during this pandemic and congregations are asked to be at the forefront of providing practical care and support for the most poor and most vulnerable during the crisis. So do look out for friends and neighbours who may be particularly isolated: a phone call or offer of assistance (taking account of the Government guidance on personal contact) could be a great help.  A booklet entitled "Being a Good Neighbour" from Communities 1st can be downloaded here. If you wish to be included in our Shepherding scheme or WhatsApp group, please contact the church office.

Ideas for personal worship can be found herehere and also on the church Facebook page from time to time. Those wishing to receive the weekly pewsheet by email should contact the Church Office.  Join us for a Prayer meeting by Zoom on Saturday mornings - details on the Pew Leaflet (found on the News page).

We are all in this together and with God's help we will all get through this. If you need help in any way or a chat please call the Church Office, either of the Churchwardens, Fiona Turner or Helen Warne, Jeremy Newton or Susan Brown (contact details on the pack of the pew leaflet) and we will help where we can, and if we can't we will find someone who can.

All of us can help and support each other. Even if we are unable to go out, we can keep in touch with each other by phone, WhatsApp, email, Messenger and offer help or just to chat. No one should feel they are alone. Keep calm, use your common sense, carry on and keep praying.

Bishop Alan's golden rules