Proposal to re-use 100yr old graves

It has been acknowledged for some time that the Radlett graveyard is running out of new burial plots.  

In 2014, the PCC unanimously passed a resolution to explore the possibility of reusing graves over 100 years old for new burials. Philip Reason undertook an extensive investigation and identified a section in the older part of the graveyard with a high percentage of graves over 100 years old. He completed all the relevant documentation, drew up a plan, and all who needed to be consulted were contacted. During Philip’s investigation it had been noted that there were a number of unused grave plots still available in two sections, which gave sufficient places for a number of years.  

A Faculty was requested and in August 2015 was granted to remove the headstones and reuse 100 year old graves. Due to the number of plots identified as not been used and therefore available at the time the Faculty was not acted on at the time and it has now expired.  

The position has now become urgent, and at the meeting of 10 March 2020 the PCC considered whether to apply to close the graveyard to new burials, or to re-affirm the 2014 decision, and unanimously passed a resolution to apply for a new Faculty to re-use the 100 year old graves as previously identified.   

This will provide the following benefits:  
• Provision of new plots (approx 45) available for Radlett residents 
• Extension of the life of the graveyard for approximately ten years (after which a further Faculty could be sought for reuse of graves then over 100 years old in other sections) 
• Reassurance for residents of Radlett, especially the Catholic Church which requires burial not cremation 

The main disadvantage is the cost of removing and sensitively and safely relocating head stones. 

The Faculty application is under way, and hereby a Public Notice is given that we are applying to the Consistory Court of the Diocese for permission to carry out the following: The removal of memorials and re-use of part of the detached churchyard for further burials, where existing graves are over 100 years old. [Note a Faculty was granted in 2015 for the same proposed works, which were not undertaken at the time.] 

Copies of the relevant plans and documents may be examined in the Narthex at Christ Church and here

Petitioners: 1 - Mrs Helen Warne; 2 - Mr Jeremy Newton; 3 - Mrs Fiona Turner Date: 20 June 2020
Those wishing to object to any of the works or proposals should send a letter or email stating the grounds of the objection to: The Diocesan Registrar, Diocese of St Albans, Winckworth Sherwood LLP, Minerva House, 5 Montague Close, London SE1 9BB or by email to so that your letter reaches the Registrar not later than Monday 20 July 2020. 

A letter of objection must include your name and address and state whether you live in the parish and/or your name is entered on the church Electoral Roll of the parish or any other basis on which you have an interest in the matter.