Christ Church and St John's are part of the Church of England Team Ministry of Aldenham, Radlett and Shenley in the Diocese of St Albans. Each parish has its own vicar but the vicars of Aldenham and Shenley also give a portion of their time to Radlett. 

We are delighted that the Reverend Daniel McCarthy (Team Vicar, St Martin's, Shenley) has been appointed as Team Rector of the Aldenham, Radlett and Shenley Team Ministry.  We look forward to Daniel's enthusiastic leadership in the exciting and challenging times ahead. 

The position of Vicar of Radlett is now vacant. Javaid has left, to become Archdeacon of Doncaster in May. Read his farewell statement here.  The process is in hand to arrange for his successor here, but this will take some time.

A team of people will endeavour to keep the church running during the months without a vicar so please understand if things have to change slightly, particularly in view of Government recommendations to stay safe.

If you need a member of the clergy, please contact the Revd Daniel McCarthy, Vicar of Shenley, on 01923 or email him, or the Revd Robert Fletcher, Vicar of Aldenham, on 01923 854209 or email him. 

There are also two Readers - ie ordinary members of the church who have trained and been licensed to preach and lead services. These are Eileen Bigg and Fiona Holliday. Additionally, John Hayes is a Licensed Lay Minister at St Martin's, Shenley.

Like all churches, although we have some other paid staff, we rely very much on the voluntary commitment of many lay members of our congregations. Churchwardens, sidespersons, musicians, choir, bellringers, children's and youth leaders, pastoral visitors, church council members and many more, to be able to provide people with the services they need and expect of a caring parish church. We are always happy to hear of new volunteers, so please let us know if you would like to help.