Possible Development of St John's Church site

A planning application is about to be made in order to develop St John’s Church site, to provide a new church and hall and six units of affordable housing. This will be the start of a three-month consultation period.

An open meeting is being held at St John’s Church on 21 January, at 8pm, at which interested people may view the plans and ask questions of the architects, Hertsmere and the church. All are welcome.

 The possibility of developing the site was first identified on the Radlett Village Facebook Group in May 2017, and the church put out a statement (see below - Background & Current Position).

Since then all parties have been working to develop plans that best meet the needs of all parties.

The planning documents will be available for view on the Hertsmere website on 14 January 2019.

Jeremy Newton from the Parochial Church Council is the focal point for the church in this regard and can be contacted on email (jjeremynewton@gmail.com) or by phone (01923 857230).

Vicar & Wardens

Radlett PCC

January 2019

Background & Current Position

1.     The site on which St John’s church and hall stand was given by Mrs Phillimore in 1951 to Radlett Parochial Church Council (PCC) for “ecclesiastical and charitable purposes” within Radlett Parish. The church was dedicated in 1953, and a hall was added in the 1980s. Both are well used, with a wide variety of activities under the church’s banner of “serving God in the community”.

 2.     Both the church and the hall have exceeded their life expectancy, thanks to the dedication of members of the church in looking after them carefully. However, when the parish celebrated its 150th anniversary and was challenged to think forward a further 50 years, it was recognised that St John’s church and hall would not last that long.

 3.     The church does not have sufficient funds to replace the buildings. However, there is a need for affordable housing in Radlett, and so the idea arose for a redevelopment of the site which would provide new buildings for the church and community and affordable housing.

 4.     The Phillimore Trust was consulted as it has a Deed of Covenant on the site, and agreed that the idea was of potential benefit to the community. The Trust will approve any final plans before submission for planning approval.

 5.     Hertsmere Council was interested in the idea, and prepared an outline drawing, primarily to establish whether a scheme whereby the Council built both the new premises for the church and affordable units might be financially viable. This drawing led the Council to commit £25k to more detailed work, taking account of comments by the church on the initial drawings.

 6.     The church is now awaiting such plans in order to consult with users of the current church and hall, with neighbours and with any other interested party including Radlett Society and Green Belt Association, before any planning application is made.

 7.     One requirement which the church has stated to the Council is the need to continue functions, including for instance, church services and the existing nursery, throughout any development. 

Vicar & Wardens

Radlett PCC

May 2017